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Simply provide the information below:  

Once you submit the information listed above, we will begin the initial investigation and confirm if you have a potential claim and the estimated value of the claim. This process takes approximately 4 weeks. If you have a valid claim, the claim process itself can take from 12 to 18 months.

It really is that simple!

Here’s an example of how it is calculated

Actual cost of energy: 10p / KWH

Energy Brokers commission: 2p / KWH

You pay to the supplier: 12p/KWH

Supplier pays Broker: 2p/kWH

Working example – Company X

Length of Contract: 2 years

Brokers uplift: 2p

Annual energy consumption: 500,000 KWH

Energy Broker hidden commission: £20,0000

Based on above example total claim over 6 years assuming gas and Electric usage and brokers uplift is the same for gas and electric = £120,000

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